A for Architect Mentorship programme is aimed at helping people who have shown interest in art[paining,sculpture,e.t.c], Graphic design[3 D Animation,Photoshop e.t.c] and Architecture.

Any one between the ages of 6 years to 40 years is eligible for career guidance within the A for Architect mentorship programme.

How it Works.

A for Architect offers mentorship guidance as below:

1. Guidance towards selecting career options for persons interested in art, graphics and architecture.
This guidance assists persons to get to know how careers in art, graphics or architecture usually are in real life.

2.Guidance towards improving talent in art, graphics and architecture such that the talent can become a source of income.
This guidance can assist anyone beyond age 6 years to earn a living from art, graphic design throughout Primary,Secondary and College life.

3.Guidance towards securing employment and internship under an artist, graphic designer or architect.
This guidance will assist someone beyond age 6 years to secure internship or employment with an artist, graphic designer or architect so that they can acquire first-hand experience.

Guidance and assistance is availed through Discuss page or through requests on twitter [@a4architect] or facebook page[a4architect]

Francis Gichuhi Kamau, Architect.


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