Preventing urban sprawl in Nairobi. JKIA , KEVEVAPI and other Govt. lands.

Urban sprawl is defined as below. Urban sprawl is the spreading of a city or its suburbs. It often involves the construction of residential and commercial buildings in rural areas or otherwise undeveloped land at the outskirts of a city. Over 80% of Kenya’s economy relies on agriculture. This employs over 70% of Kenyans. The paradox to this is… Read more →

Why Nairobi National Park should be enhanced with forest cover.

Nairobi National park covers an area of 4,200 acres. It boarders Langata road, Magadi road and Mombasa road very close to the city. Environment. The park is 4,200 acres of grassland. Forest land is 10 times as effective in cleaning the air of carbon dioxide as grassland. The huge tree trunks serve as carbon sinks where carbon dioxide is removed… Read more →

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