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Quality Assurance In Construction

Quality assurance in construction can be defined simply as making sure the quality of construction is what it should be. A4architect.com has qualified and experienced personnel that can plan and perform the systematic steps necessary for a program of quality assurance in construction.

Quality assurance in construction involves all those planned and systematic actions necessary to provide confidence that the facility will perform satisfactorily in service. Quality assurance in construction addresses the overall problem of obtaining the quality of the facility to be built in the most efficient, economical, and satisfactory manner possible. Within this broad context, quality assurance involves continued evaluation of the activities of planning, design, development of plans and specifications, advertising and awarding of contracts, construction, and maintenance, and the interactions of these activities.

In its broadest form quality assurance includes quality control as one of its elements. Quality control is the responsibility of the contractor, while quality assurance also includes acceptance. Acceptance involves sampling, testing, and the assessment of test results to determine whether or not the quality of construction is acceptable in terms of the specifications.

Construction planning is a complex process that must be kept current with the actual construction taking place in the field. The construction plans, just in terms of day-to-day changes, must be kept up-to-date. However, in the ebb and flow of events during construction there are usually a number of schedule changes that arise as a result of unforeseen events. Failure to keep the construction planning dynamic and up-to-date can create confusion and delays.

Not only must the plans keep pace with the daily events communication of the changes in the construction plans must be disseminated quickly to the affected personnel.

Quality assurance in construction requires that the procedures for incorporating design changes into the construction plans be well developed and fully utilized. The earlier that design changes are recognized and implemented the lower the cost. Quality assurance efforts in construction must closely monitor how well management of the design, and change of design processes are functioning. These represent the quality issues that need to be monitored during the quality assurance effort and acceptance testing.
Another area of activity for quality assurance in construction that must be continuously monitored is the development of plans and specifications. Architectural and engineering plans and specifications often change during the construction phase of a complex project. It is important that the procedures for incorporating these changes into the construction plans be well developed and consistently followed.

In order to minimize construction cost while meeting all of the specifications in the plans and design requires that the advertising for bids and awarding of contracts be closely monitored. The qualifications of the contractors and subcontractors to perform the services advertised and meet the quality requirements should be examined carefully all during the construction phase of the project. This is an element in the program for quality assurance in construction.

Finally, the actual construction activities should be closely monitored to ensure that the engineering plans and specifications are being met or exceeded throughout the construction process.

A4architect.com has experienced quality assurance personnel that can develop a quality assurance in construction program that meets the needs and requirements of the project owner.



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