Mobile Homes

Mobile houses are built or prefabricated in factories and transported to site where they are erected using bolts and nuts.
The walls and roofs are made of Structural Insulated steel panels with polyurethane material sandwiched in-between the two layers of steel for insulation purposes. These panels are lightweight and easily lifted by a single person during construction. They are common in developed countries such as USA, China and Britain.


Due to the fact that they are made and prefabricated in factories with state-of-the-art machines, there is efficiency and less wastage of materials and estimated final costs of construction are accurate and to the point.

Speed of construction:
Use of lightweight Structural Insulated Steel panels for walls and roofs increases construction time since these materials are light and the panels can be lifted by a single panel. A 1-bedroomed house will take 2 days and 4 skilled people to erect and complete.

Also, the quality of the materials used and workmanship is easily assured due to the precise factory environment prefabrication which conforms to the latest ISO standards.

Savings on costs:
Mobile homes are 35% cheaper to construct than traditional homes. There is no need for expensive foundations since these houses are lightweight and can be placed on stable ground comfortably.

Energy efficiency:
Mobile homes are very energy-efficient: during cold weather, they retain most of the heat in the house and during warm weather, they insulate the interior of the house.

Mobile homes give you the flexibility to move them to any location you may wish. These homes can also increase in size by addition of more panels to create more rooms and vice versa so you can start with a 1 bed roomed house initially and as the family size grows, increase it to a 2 or 3 bed roomed house.

These houses are slowly gaining popularity worldwide over the traditional houses with the onset of global movement towards efficiency.

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