Bungalow and Cabin Style House Plans

Bungalow and Cabin Style House Plans
By Alice Lane

Potential bungalow home owners can choose from many styles of bungalow home plans. One of the more popular plans to look at if you are in the market for building a new bungalow would be the craftsman bungalow house plans. These plans consist of a prominent front porch beneath the main roof.
Bungalows became popular during the time frame that was heavily influenced by the American Arts and Craft Movement. It was natural that homes of this time frame emulated the arts and craft feel of the time.

Bungalows and cottages are synonymous with comfy warm fires, apple pies baking and that good feeling of constant comfortableness. I envision pods of quaint single level, wide, simply designed houses that offer easy access to major living areas like the living room and dining area. Everything that was needed for day to day living was compacted into these relatively small style homes. The bungalows that come to mind for me had nice enclosed porches in the front of the house and the most appealing amenities were their perfectly sized yards with surrounding trees. The foliage of the trees always provided the perfect amount of shade at the right times during the warm and cold seasons. Dogs were resting on porches, children were playing tag, birds were chirping and there was peacefulness that could not be duplicated in any other home design.

Many books, children’s stories and cartoons reference the small quaint bungalow or cottage as a safe place to be, go or even seek out. The very words bungalow and cottage make me immediately shift my train of though to a more restful and relaxed state. It just feels right for me and many other folks as well.

There are also cabin cottage home plan vacation design packages available in today’s home design markets. The cabin cottage design is another option that is similar to the bungalow home design. The main differences that stand out are that the bungalow is a little more rustic than cottage and not as quaint as a cabin cottage. Cabin cottages seem to stand in more solitary areas by themselves and not in pods like bungalows. One could not pick a better style of home to build when it comes to creating a dream vacation / recreation spot.

Regardless of the minor differences between the cabin cottage and bungalow design, they are quaint in design and offer a unique tranquility that many other home designs can not offer.

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