How To Build Your Own Extension

How To Build Your Own Extension

By: carolyn

Getting in touch with an Architect is your first job.  Once the plans have been drawn up, the next step is to get planning permission.  This sometimes can take a while, and often adjustments have to be made.

Once you have planning permission, then sign up for a building course, making sure it includes brick-laying, plastering and the full understanding of insulation.  Having completed the course, then sign on for a heating and plumbing course.  After that sign up for an electrical course. Years later when you have completed all the necessary courses, you will be ready to begin.  If you are in full time employment, then expect it to take quite a while to build . (It is not always sunny and dry at the weekends!)

That is the hard way!  The simplest thing to do, is contact a reputable Builder.  A Builder who has his own Architects, A Builder who liaises regularly with the planning dept. and knows all the pitfalls, and can often speed things up for you.  He will have his own team of brick-layers and plasterers.  If drains pose a problem, then he will be in a position to rectify it.

His Heating and Plumbing Engineers will be fully qualified (to Corgi standards) as will his Electricians.

He will advise you on the best materials to use, and if you want to be eco-friendly, he will happily comply.  He will advise you on insulation, and will ensure that the extension is in keeping with the rest of the house, matching roofing tiles, windows etc.

They will keep to the quote, and there will be no hidden extras, unless you specifically request it.  The work would be done in minimum time, with little inconvenience to yourself.

For a first class job, it always pays to call in the experts.  People who have had years of experience behind them and know exactly what they are doing.  Even if you complete all the necessary courses, you will have no practical experience, and any snags met, will seem enormous, while to an experienced Builder, solving it would just be second nature.

There are many excellent Builders, but it makes sense to contact one within fifty or sixty miles from your home.  A good Builder will have a fully comprehensive web site, and will not be afraid to put his telephone number or e-mail address on it.

So, there are two ways to build your own extension – the hard way, or the easy way!

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