Why Is There Interest in Buying Land?

By: Russell Ward

Many years ago I went to auto auction with my local dealer.  There was a sea of cars as far as the eye could see.  So which one do I choose?  Before I arrived, I looked at my budget, determined my family’s needs and narrowed my choice to one mini van make/model.  When I arrived I could have been overwhelmed by the shear volume of vehicles but I wasn’t as I already knew what I was looking for.  Once there, I popped open a few hoods and after some searching I finally decided on my purchase.  The process to make a purchase decision took much time and energy – but it was worth it.  After a month of gathering information I arrived at the auction ready to pull the trigger to buy.  I enjoyed that minivan for years.   I am still grinning about that car.

When it comes to land, many people are kicking the tires.  There is an enormous amount of land can be purchased.  So it can be overwhelming where to start.  Many are at stage where they are doing their research and narrowing down where, when, and for how much they are going to purchase land.  Some will go to a land professional for help.  But many are going to do all the investigative work on their own.  So what are the key types of land investors are looking for?

Retirement – We all have hopes and dreams.  One dream for many is to retire.  But where?  The National Association of Realtors conducted a poll and found that nearly 60% of Baby Boomers hope to move to a rural setting when they retire.  There are nearly 80 million Baby Boomers – this means that almost 48 million people dream about moving to the country.  I bet you have met some of these people or maybe this is you.

What does that mean to those us who are land professionals?  Get ready to supply Boomers with land parcels.  What type of land parcels are they looking for?  Boomers are buying as small as a half acre to hundreds of acres.  It is time for those who represent land to get ready for this influx of activity.  Right now some are at your doorstep determining whether you are the person to work with.

I see myself as a supplier of hopes and dreams.  Many will buy land for retirement but most will never move to the country, but at least they will fulfill a part of their dream.  Wouldn’t you agree dreams drive major purchasing decisions?

Investment – It is an understatement that this has been a challenging year for any increase in value in your investments.  As we know the stock market is mired in much uncertainty.  Where are investors going to turn to rebuild their portfolios?  Some investors will leave the traditional investment grid and scour for low risk hard assets such as land and gold to invest in.

Recreational Use – Some investors will simply want to enjoy their “own slice of heaven” by buying land that they can either hunt, fish, drive their ATV, etc.  They are buying not only to recreate but also for investment.

Many internet land websites have reported from a 42% to 500% increase in visitor traffic.  What does that mean to those of us who are land professionals?  Investors are starting to do their research to determine where to invest to get the best value for their money.  But they are not ready to pull the trigger as yet because investing in land is a new idea.  Once they get comfortable, we are going to see a wave of land purchases that are going to be mind boggling.  Is your business prepared to service this demand?

What type of land are investors searching for?  Hunting land, recreational land, retirement homesite, farmland, timberland, hobby farm, and waterfront lots just to name a few.  There is going to be an amazing convergence on not just one land type but on different types of land all at the same time.  That is why the market will be hot and grow rapidly in the coming years.

Why invest in land?  Historically, land has proven to be a safe investment even during times of market volatility.  Now, investors are reevaluating their investment strategies and are looking for something they can touch and feel.  They also feel they are in more control of the results of their investment compared to the ups and downs of the stock market.

There are many investigating the potential benefits of land investing and some will feel that investing in land can prove to be secure and lucrative.  Also investing in land can provide an alternative to fulfill some of their investment goals that are outside the stock market.

How can we serve you?  We can help you to connect with an affordable parcel of land that will meet your investment needs.  Call 1-877-8VACANT (1-877-882-2268) or email us at info@vacantlandguide.com today to learn more.

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.” – Andrew Carnegie

Many millionaires will emerge in the next few years because of vacant land.

About the Author

Russell is the ONLY person in the country training real estate investors how to control or buy raw land at half-price. The time has never been better to learn the inner workings of land.

He is a full-time raw land investor who has been extensively involved in more than 600 land transactions ranging from .25 acre to 500 acres. These real estate deals involved over $9,000,000 in total sales. Russell has produced a six-figure income in real estate, solely generated through vacant land transactions. He has two Master degrees, including a Master’s in Management with an emphasis in entrepreneurship. He resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

Russell has used his insight and experience in vacant land transactions to write the Home Study Course, Vacant Land Guide – How to Buy Vacant Land at Wholesale Prices. His passion for training and educating investors in vacant land real estate is evident in both the content of the Guide and the personal presentations that he puts on for investors. His intent is to equip the investor so that he or she may go out and become an independent and successful vacant land investor.

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