The most expensive land in Kenya for residential use is to be found in Nairobi in areas such as Runda, Ridgeways, Muthaiga and Karen. In these zones, features such as many trees, greenery and strict zoning controls for only 1 house per minimum ½ acre plot are common.
Another feature common with these areas is a very strong and active Residents Association .These strong residents associations makes sure that the zoning regulations are not broken and that resources for infrastructure and security are made available.


Muthaiga is the most prime area for residential purposes. Here, the Nairobi City council has zoned the area for only 1 single family dwelling per half an acre. In other words, land subdivision is approved by the City council for a minimum area of half an acre.
Here, there is the prestigious Muthaiga Golf Club.
Muthaiga is home to several Embassies and Ambassadorial residences.
Land for purchase is very scarce here in the Old Muthaiga and when it’s available, prices are very high.
Land is available in the new Muthaiga known as Muthaiga North .


Land in Ridgeways is currently in the tune of KES 15 to 20 Million per acre, up from a low of KES 10 to 12 m per acre in the year 2009.
A few parcels are available for sale.
Kigwa estate in Ridgeways is a notable major land owner. Suraya Developers have recently worked on a residential project for sale within the expansive Kigwa estate.
Windsor Golf and Country club is also a major land owner in Ridgeways. And have recently come up with a housing estate for sale neighboring the Golf Club.
In this region, the housing estate developments are in smaller pieces of land than ½ acre minimum size. This could be due to the fact that the area is under Kiambu Council as opposed to Nairobi City council who are known to execute zoning regulations with zeal.


Land in Runda has continued to astronomically increase in value. In 2004, an acre of prime land in Runda was going for KES 3m. Currently, the same acre is going for between KES 20 to 25m.
Land along the main Ruaka Drive near the US Embassy and UN Headquarters has already hit the KES 30m mark per acre.
Land is still available for sale in Runda since it’s extending towards Kiambu and Ruaka towns.
The expansive Paradise Lost camping site located at the edge of Runda on the Kiambu side is up for sale hence forming an extension of Runda. See for land prices in Runda.


From the time when Karen Blixen landed in Kenya and settled in Karen, the area has continued to be a leading prime residential area in Nairobi.
The area is home to many people of British origin. The Catholic Church is also a very major land owner in Karen. Karen radiates from Karen Shopping centre and spreads along the Karinde road till near Dagoretti Slaughter house/Resurrection Garden, from Karen shopping centre to Lenana School along Ngong road, from Karen shopping centre to Kerarapon/Bulbul / Shade Hotel along Ngong road, from Karen shopping centre to Bomas of Kenya along Langata road.
The most prime part of Karen is the area near the Karen Golf club.
Notable large land owners are Catholic institutions such as Catholic University, Resurrection Garden and Marist centre.
In 2004, land price per acre opposite the Karen Golf club [The late Appolo Njonjo’s land] was going for KES 4m per acre.
The current price for an acre of prime land in Karen is KES 23m. Other areas such as Karen near Kuwinda [large slum in the heart of Karen], the price is KES 15m per acre. Newer extensions to Karen towards Shade Hotel Ngong [Kerarapon], land is slightly cheaper.

To view available land for sale around Nairobi visit sale.

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  1. frank
    August 8, 2011 at 5:52 am

    Generally speaking, a good plot 50km radius of Nairobi CBD next to a major road will be as follows:
    1. Kangundo road-Joska-1.5m per acre.
    2. Mombasa road-Lukenya-5m per acre
    3.Thika road-Juja-12 m per acre
    4.Nairobi-Nakuru Highway-Limuru-10m per acre
    5.Namanga road-Isinya-4m per acre
    6. Ngong-Kimuka[no tarmac] 1m per acre.
    The land price reduces as you move away from the tarmac.

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