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“Live the Savannah Outdoors”

Welcome to the Stoni Athi Golf Park Estate situated off Mombasa road and Namanga road at Stoni Athi. It comprises of 3,000 bungalows each within a 1/3 acre plot within a World-Class Golf course. The project is financed by Shelter Afrique Bank and designed by A4architect .
The estate is situated approximately 30km [30 min. drive] from JKIA International airport towards Mombasa along Mombasa road.

Out-door living.

The fresh savannah weather is brought to the inside of the house through a design that encourages outdoor living. The living room is designed to bring in the sunny savannah climate through large glass windows that extend to the full wall height. These windows act as doors hence easing the movement from the living room to the large patio with a beautifully designed pergola.
The patio blends well as an extension of the living area, creating a very spacious living space for the house. This enables the occupants to enjoy the warm savannah climate in the privacy of their 1/3 acre plot compound.

House type.
The houses are Bungalows which come in two sizes-regular and Jumbo. This gives variety in terms of the house sizes and prices.
The regular type cost KES 5.9m and is 87 m2 in plinth area.*price subject to monthly change. For current price, please contact the undersigned.
The Jumbo size costs KES 7.5m and is 120m2 in plinth area. .*price subject to monthly change. For current price, please contact the undersigned.

Colour customization.

Stoni Athi Golf Park Estate offers house buyers the choice of external house façade that they require. The facades are designed to offer a variety which breaks monotony from one house to the other while the overall shape of the house is designed to offer the unifying factor within the estate.

Green Living.

The Stoni Athi Golf Park estate offers Green solutions. Indigenous Savannah thorn trees of various species are planted to increase greenery.
Water from the kitchen and bathroom is separately drained to a soak pit at the front garden lawn so as to provide water for self-irrigation. This helps to maintain an overall green lawn all year round within the estate.
Each house is also fitted with Solar power wiring so that should the occupants decide to save on costs and use solar, the switch will be flawless.


An 18 hole world-class golf course designed by an American award-winning Golf course Architect Raymond Hearn will also be part of this exiting housing estate.
This beautiful landscape comprising of undulating lush greens and a man-made lake will offer a cool serene backyard to occupants of the Stoni Athi Golf park estate.


Stoni Athi Golf park estate is located in the area between Mombasa road and Namanga road. Its 10 km off Mombasa road and 5km off Namanga road. The proposed Greater Southern Bypass passes right next to the estate.
Stoni Athi Railway station is also within the housing estate vicinity.

For inquiries,
Architect Francis Gichuhi Kamau. B.Arch. Nbi.


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