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or select from

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Address Saved Name Geo Date



Saved Name is an optional name you may use to add entries to the Saved Locations menu.

Geo Date associates a date (most formats work) and time with a location. Leave the default value if uncertain.

Put a green pin at a new location. There are many ways to do it:

  • Search for a location name.
  • For multiple search results, mouse over pins to see location names, and click a result pin to select that location.
  • Search for a decimal latitude and longitude separated by a comma, like 40.123,-105.456. Seven decimal places are stored. Negative latitude is used for the southern hemisphere, and negative longitude for the western hemisphere.
  • Search for a street address, like 123 main st, anytown, acity.
  • Click on the location. Zoom in if necessary so you can refine the location by dragging it or clicking a new location.

To execute a search, type search text into the Find Location box and hit the enter key. If you type a name next to “Save As”, the location will be saved under that name and added to the Saved Locations dropdown list.

To remove the location (green pin), clear the search box and hit the enter key.

When you are satisfied with the location, save or update.

To add or update location choose a saved location, or find a new location using one of these formats:

  • A place name like Yellowstone National Park
  • A decimal latitude and longitude, like 40.123,-105.456.
  • A full or partial street address, like 123 main st, anytown, acity 12345 USA.

When you save or update, the closest match available will be saved as the location.

Choose type: Building Plan, Subdivision or Change of User: survey

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