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  1. Hi David,Choose a house that fits your taste and budget from here
    and here
    Contact me on the house you have chosen then i wil email you the fees charges as per below breakdown:

    Architectural Services are as per CAP 525 of the Laws of Kenya and broken down as follows:
    100% of fees is calculated at 6% of TOTAL PROJECT COST.
    See a copy of CAP 525 here.


    A. Inception:

    For advising the client upon the services of an architect and the need for a quantity surveyor, obtaining initial statement of requirements and outlining possible courses of action:
    No charge. 0% of total construction cost.

    B.Outline proposals:
    For considering and developing the brief.
    For advising on the need for and instructing consultants.
    For preparing outline proposals which incorporate a detailed presentation of the client’s requirements and an approximation of the costs of meeting them.
    For reporting any major decisions required form the client and receiving any amended instructions.
    Charge: 1% of total construction cost.

    C. Scheme Design.
    For preparing, in collaboration with any consultant, a scheme design consisting of small-scale working drawings which shall indicate spatial arrangement and appearance.
    For reporting to the client on the scheme including presenting an assignment of the cost and timetable for the project and where so required, submitting copies of the drawings to the local authority for town planning consent, approval under the Building bye-laws.
    Charge: 1.5% of total construction cost.

    D. Detailed design and production drawings.
    For completing a detailed design incorporating the design work done by any consultants .
    For preparing production drawings and information necessary for production of Bills of Quantities.
    Charge: 2% of total construction cost.

    E. From tender action to completion.
    For obtaining and advising on tenders and for preparing and advising on the contract and the appointment of a contractor.
    For briefing the contractor, arranging for him to take possession of the site and examining his programme.
    For periodic supervision and issuing certificates required by the building contract.
    For handing over the building to the client, providing small-scale drawings showing the main lines of drainage and other services as executed and giving initial guidance on maintenance.
    Charge: 1.5% of total construction cost.

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