Inflation is an Invisible Tax

Inflation is an Invisible Tax
By Eli James

Many people cannot see throught the con game that is called fiat money. Even Sheldon Emry failed to understand that fiat money is the bankers’ primary weapon against civilization. He taught that it is impossible to have gold-backed money. But that is only true when the bankers control the gold. Under the US Constitution, the government is supposed to hold onto its gold and use it to back any issuance of paper money. When Woodrow Wilson created the Federal Reserve Bank, he turned the issuance of the nation’s currency over to a private corporation of bankers. This violates the USConstitutionk, which still states “Congress shall have the power to coin money.” The key word here is COIN. Real money is always in the form of a valuable, stable commodity, such as gold and silver. Any unstable currency will cause fluctuation of value, thus violating the “just weights and measures” law of the Bible. Throughout history, bankers have always sought control of the currency, so that they could issue it and speculate on its fluctuations.

The fact is that the international bankers have always implemented fiat money currencies in the place of gold and silver. There is a very simple reason for this: He who controls the gold controls the world. The gold and silver are supposed to belong to the people, not to the bankers. Those who argue against a gold-backed currency do not unmderstand that the reason why the bankers want to deprive the people of their gold and silver is so that the bankers can substitute their fiat currency instead.

The bankers also hire so-called economists to tell you that gold-backed currency is not necessary. Sheldon Emry fell for this ruse because he did not have a thorough understanding of how the bankers play this game.

Since it is impossible to inflate the volume of gold and silver as currency, the bankers cannot use such currency to manipulate the economy. Those who argue against gold-backed money are actually playing into the hands of the bankers, who, historically, have ALWAYS legislated ways to prevent the people from using gold and silver as money.

Fiat money is how bankers rob the people of our wealth. This is why the Jewish bankers had FDR make it illegal for Americans to own gold. This enabled the bankers to buy it low and sell it high. Roosevelt’s gold recall was nothing but robbery, in the name of economics. As long as gold and silver are forbidden as currency, the people will have a fluctuating medium of exchange, which violates Yahweh’s law against unjust weights and measures. This is why our Constitution specifies that a dollar is to defined in terms of a weight of silver.

The most important factor is who controls the currency supply. This is why Mayer Amschel rothschild stated, “Give me the power to control a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws.” The strategic purpose of the Federal Reserve Bank’s creation was so that the bankers could gain control of the issuance of money, no matter what form it takes. Once they have control of issuance, the bankers gradually remove the gold and silver coins as currency and replace them, first, with backed currency, and finally, with unbacked fiat money. To the bankers, the backed currency is just an intermediate stage on the road to fiat money. First, the public must be weaned off of actual coins by issuing backed currency. This stratagem gets the people used to paper money. After a couple of generations gets used to this form of paper money, then the bankers invariably remove the backing, so they can issue fiat money in whatever quantities they desire.

Those who argue against gold and silver backing simply do not understand this process. They blame the gold instead of the bankers. Even Bill Still of “Money Masters” fame doesn’t understand this. The fact is that the bankers themselves have promoted this myth in order to fool otherwise intelligent analysts.

When I was growing up in Chicago in the 1950’s, the prevalent saying about the US Dollar was, “The dollar is as good as gold.” Why? Because we still had backed currency in circulation; and anyone who had a gold certificate or a silver certificate could take it to a bank and demand actual gold or silver for that certificate. Thse backed currencies actually stated, “Pay to the bearer on demand” whatever the weight of gold or silver the note was worth. This has never been true of any fiat currency. Fiat money is just worthless paper. Commodity-backed paper currency at least has a value in terms of the commodity that backs it. Banks are legally obligated to provide real money (gold and silver) in exchange for the certificate.

The Bible completely accepts gold and silver coins as money. The Israelites routinely used gold and silver as money; and there is no statement in the Bible that says it should not be used as such. There is a reason why the bankers always fnagle a way to remove gold and silver coins from circulation. They want the power to issue their own fiat currency, by which they can spend it into circulation without the people knowing the purposes for which it is spent. This is why inflation is the invisible tax.
By Eli James

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