Poisonous Lead paints usage in Kenya.

Lead paints.
According to research done by Cecilia Nganga here http://ipen.org/iccm3/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Lead-in-Kenyan-Household-Paint.pdf
Kenyan paint contains Lead 165 times higher than acceptable standards by the USA health department.
In USA, Lead is banned to be used in paint. This is because of the health hazards it posses to humans.

Kenyan Law.
In Kenya, there is no law regulating use of Lead in paint. Kenya Bureau of Standards does not enforece any standards regarding Lead use in paint. This leaves Kenyans susseptible to Lead poisoning.

Architectural solution.
Architects can specify non Lead based paints or use natural textures instead of paint eg dressed stone.

Need for law to regulate use of Lead in Paint.
Kenyan parliament needs a law to regulate and criminalise use of Lead in paint, similar to the USA. USA passed such laws in 1978.

Francis Gichuhi Kamau,Architect.

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