Wordcamp Kenya 2013 at Sportsman’s Arms Hotel, Nanyuki

This year’s wordpress word camp event was held last weekend at Sportsman’s arms hotel in Nanyuki.

This is an annual meeting held by wordpress bloggers and coders.

I presented on how i use wordpress to enable many Kenyans afford accessible housing through crowd sourcing . Using a wordpress plugin called bbpress, this enables creation of a forum whereby various participants can meet and discuss on where to settle on buying land for construction.
With the rising cost of land, potential home owners can get a 1/8th acre and decide to share it amongst 12 people then build bedsitters which can be increased vertically into several storeys as time progresses.
Someone can create the initial bedsitter then add other bedrooms vertically on top in future developments.
This enables the barrier created by high land prices be broken into acquiring land and housing.
More of this can be seen her www.a4architect.com/discuss


Mr John Karanja of Whive.com presented on how he enables people tap into crowdsourcing and moving new projects from initial concept stage into actual reality on the ground.
We are in talks to tam up a4architct.com and whive.com so as to move the real estate crowd sourcing to tap into a largest market. This will enable more and more Kenyans be able to access housing at affordable rates.

The founder of Dukapress also presented an exciting way of using mobile money such as Orange money and mpesa to connect to wordpress front end for record keeping purposes.
A4architect.com will in future team up with him so as to enable contributors into the real estate crowdsourcing be able to top up their contributions using mobile money/mpesa.
The beauty of this is that the interphase allows for the info to be publicly viewed hence accountability for the people contributing to purchase land and construct houses at the a4architect.com forum.

Orange Telkom.
Orange Telkom was the main sponsors of this event.
Their involvement and encouraging of innovation into the IT sector is great.
Having personally used Orange internet through their dongle, I can testify that they offer one of the fastest internet speeds. Watching YouTube videos and streaming tv online is very smooth with no breakages and at very low costs compared to others in the market.
With such speeds, this enables people working on wordpress or watching YouTube movies and online tv a much better and comfortable working atmosphere.
Francis Gichuhi Kamau, Architect.

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Architect Francis Gichuhi . B.Arch. University of Nairobi. Registered Architect, Kenya. Member, Architectural Association of Kenya. Contacts. email info@a4architect.com. Telephone +254721410684


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