Design for TV show Stage Backdrops , Display points and Church pulpits.

The stage backdrop design plays an important role in aiding to keep the viewers glued to viewing the stage performance. These are mostly seen in churches ,TV Shows and play theaters.

Backdrops should be easily to construct, within budget and using locally available materials.
The backdrop design can be in 2D or in 3D. 3D display backdrops are better in that they make it more interesting for the viewer, without interacting or stealing the show from the presenter.

TV Stations.

A simple panoramic image printed on canvas, with real life window grills 300mm away from the canvas, creates a realistic imagery of a setting with large panoramic views. The steel window grill casts a small shaddow on to the screen, giving it the appearance of a real vista.


A backdrop design that is low cost yet visually captivating is most appropriate here. This can easily be changed after every week so as not to create a boring monotony to the attendants.
Use of plastic bottle bottoms, paper plates, coloured perspex and strroform is appropriate since these are low cost, easy to obtain, light weight and give bold visuals at the stage.Drapery is also a good form of backdrops, with colourfull matrials such as maasai shukas, women’s lessos etc.


Using PVC pipes and accesories, its easy to create lightweight framing for backdrop support.

For sturdier backdrop designs where heavy material will be hung and supported, steel plumbing tubes sourced from local hardware shops work best for these.

Lighter materials such as water bottles can be simply supported by the PVC framing.


The backdrop design should be worked out to go with the theme.If its in a church for example, and the topic of discussion is Easter festivities or Christmas, a theme depicting this is most appropriate. Once the period is over, a new theme can then be designed.

LED Lights.

LED lights consume less electricity and also have a glowing effect, suitable for backdrop displays. These lights can be incorporated into the backdrop design, shileded using transluscent materials suchas perspex so as to come out in a soft glow.

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