Joint Venture financing on a 1.2 acre plot in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

Joint Venture financing for construction projects is a good way of financing commercial office block projects around Nairobi.


Land location.

The Land is located along Elgon road in Upper Hill, Nairobi, near Kadhis court.

The land is 1.2 acres in size. An estimation of the value is approximately kes 600 million, which is around 13% of the total cost of the construction project.

With a 13% contribution to the total cost of project, the land owner will eventually manage to double his return to 26% through a well structured joint venture.

Total construction cost.

The construction cost for the project is estimated at kes 3.6 billion, including cost of land at market rates. The structure is designed to be high rise, with high quality finishes similar to most buildings in Upper Hill area.

Land owner’s profits.

The land owner has been structured to gain from 9,300 square meters of built up area, valued at kes 1.2 billion. This represents 26% of the total built up area. This has the potential of bringing in monthly rental income in the range of kes 9.3 million per month.The land owner has the option of selling off the office space or renting it out for monthly income.

Comparison between Joint Venture and Outright sale.

In the case of outright sale, the land owner will bring in kes 600 million after between 6 months to 1 year. In the case of Joint Venture, the land owner will double their property value after 2 to 3 years since construction takes 2 to 3 years. In this case, Joint Venture option works better.

Upper Hill area has good prospects for office spaces and high end residential apartments. The return of investment confidence is very high for this area. Currently, most buildings are at least 90% occupied, with many building having 100% occupancy rates.

Land owners in Upper Hill areas who would like to benefit from this Joint Venture financing can contact for more information.

Architect Francis Gichuhi kamau.


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