Kigali Batsinda Estate. The making of a Joint Venture Project in Rwanda. Part 2.

Kigali Batsinda estate comprises of 300 housing units in Kigali Rwanda. We are documenting how Joint Venture projects for huge construction projects are conceived from simple ideas to huge concrete jungles that serve to house people.

This is part 2 of the documentation.

Part 1.

See Part 1 here

February 12, 2016. Here we look at an email from Shelter Afrique bank announcing The Pan African Housing Fund (PAHF), managed by Phatisa, has entered into an agreement with Kigali Batsinda Estate Limited to develop a new residential housing complex in Kagugu Cell, Kinyinya Sector, Gasabo District, Kigali City, Rwanda.

shelter phatisa

Feasibility study, design increase form 20 to 30 units to 140 units.

After commencing on the business plan advisory from the earlier 20 to 30 units suggested by Philippe Kubwimana in the initial 1st email, i utilised google maps to check out the site and saw that there is need for a much higher density than initialy thought out, with a minimum of 140 units. The land area was initially much smaller, hence the need for Phillippe to expropriate more land neighbouring, to push the density further to the current 300 units.
140 units

16th July 2011. Feasibility study.

We have now started discussing and analysing surrounding residential projects. Philippe emailed me this interesting article from New Times newspaper of Kigali, where Rwanda National Social Security Fund plans to put up 140 units in the same area of Batsinda.

29th July 2011. Fusion Capital.

Mr Muriithi of Shelter Afrique bank informs us he has a financier for the project .

A4architect composed the intitial Kigali Batsinda funding proposal and emails Mr Muriithi of Shelter Afrique.
proposal briefly engages with Maureen of Shelter Afrique on behalf of Murithi.

1st August 2011.Land owner Details.

Mr Murithi asks for more land details of which Philippe replies as below,that the land is in the name of Kubwimana Chrysologue.
kubwimana chrysologue

15th September 2011. Consultancy contracts. moves ahead to formalise the contract between Philippe Kubwimana for design and financial advisory services.

20th September 2011. Signed contracts.

After Philippe Kubwimana asks his lawyers to go through the consultancy agreements, he finally signs the contracts, witnessed by Kubwimana Chrysologue.
signed agreement Prism Designs Africa 004

signed agreement Prism Designs Africa 003
signed agreement Prism Designs Africa 002
signed agreement Prism Designs Africa 001

In the agreement, Prism Designs Africa, owned by and FRancis Gichuhi kamau, was to offer services at an agreed rate of 11% of the construction contract, including the rest of the supporting consultants.
Philippe Kubwimana’s lawyer, Ben Ntaganira, made a few adjustments which we agreed upon then we executed the contract.

ben ntaganira




In the course of discussion, Philippe Kubwimana was advised to register a Limited Liability company which will own the land as we progress towards the bigger goal of construction.
batsinda new name

Higher density design.22nd September 2011.

From the intitial 20 to 30 units, to 140 units, designed the Kigali Batsinda Estate to approximately 300 units that are currently proposed.
high density

As continued to improve the design from 20 to 30 units, to 140 units to finally 300units, a site visit was now imminent to ascertain the feasibility of the actual site holding the high density unit.

This will be covered in Part 3 of the documentation.

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