Lifts Supply for High Rise Buildings in kenya.

Lifts Supply for High Rise Buildings in kenya.

Lifts are available in Nairobi and can be designed according to the detailed needs and specifications for the particular building.

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Importation direct from Chinese Manufacturer with Nairobi based installation outfit ensures that buyers get the best deal at affordable rates.

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Technical specification
Project name: –
1. General information
1.1 Elevator Program 32-bit microprocessor + FUJI inverter
+Gearless Machine
1.2 Quantity: 1No (Simplex)
1.3 Elevator Type: Passenger elevator
1.4 Machine room position: MRL
1.5 Traction machine Gearless
1.6 Motor power/current 5.3kw
1.7 Control Type: AC-VVVF
1.8 Load Capacity: 630kg /8 persons
1.9 Speed: 1.5m/s
1.10 Traveling height: 21M(approx)
1.11 No of floors/stops/entrance 7/7/7
1.12 Floor indication G, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6
1.13 Pit depth (mm) 1500mm
1.14 over head height 4500mm
1.15 Shaft size(W×D ): 1800(W)×1800(D)
1.16 Operation Simplex full collective control
1.17 Power supply 415V, 3-Phase, ±7% 50Hz
1.18 Light supply 220V, ±7%AC 50HZ
2.Technical Parameters
2.1 Drive VVVF Inverter driving system
2.2 Control Micro-control
2.3 Encoder Digitally Pulsed type
3. Car design: ( car model: YDJ-04-2 )
3.1 Car net size (W×D ) 1150(W)×1400(D)
3.2 Destination Indicator Digital indicator of floor
3.3 Car Operation Panel Braille Push button, model: intergrated
3.4 Car rear wall Mirror Etching stainless steel finish
Car side wall Mirror Etching stainless steel finish

3.5 Car Opening type Two panels center opening
3.6 Car door opening size
(W × H)
Hairline stainless steel finish
3.7 Handrail YDJ-001
3.8 Car Flooring Marble, YDJ-741
3.9 Ceiling YDD-4112
4. Landing door and door jamb design
4.1 Landing door size 800(W)×2100(H)
4.2 Car opening type 2 panels center opening
Ground floor
Landing door Hairline Etching Stainless steel , YDJ-682
Door jamb Wide jamb with transom in Hairline
Stainless steel
Other floors
Landing door Hairline finish Stainless steel
Door jamb Narrow jamb in Hairline Stainless steel
5. Hall operation panel (EX-JC8A )
5.1 At ground floor Hall push button in vertical face plate
5.2 Typical Floor Hall push button in vertical face plate
6.Safety part
6.1 Safety gear Progressive Safety gear
6.2 Buffer Hydraulic buffer
6.3 Speed governor Centrifugal type governor
7.Standard Function of Elevator
7.1 Fan & light automatic off at rest 7.2 Start /stop timing
7.3 emergency lighting 7.4 emergency electric operation
7.5 five-party intercom 7.6 alarm bell
7.7.VVVF drive 7.8 Automatic by pass
7.9 instant door close 7.10.VIP ( special) running
7.11 car call cancel 7.12 Arrive Gong
7.13 light curtain protection 7.14 parking
7.15 inner counting protection 7.16 overload stop
7.17 door close repeat 7.18 inspection operation
7.19 troubleshooting 7.20 auto-landing with fault
7.21 Automatic adjustment of door open
holding time
7.22 Top/bottom limit and final limit

7.23 up running protection 7.24 down running protection
7.25 safety circuit protection 7.26 door interlock protection
7.27 main contactor protection 7.28 brake detecting protection
7.29 button inset diagnose 7.30 floor selecting in machine room
7.31 micro push button 7.32 running state display
7.33 no stop floor set 7.34 homing floor set
7.35 floor indication set 7.36 hoistway self-learning
8. special require function
Emergency rescue device Voice announcement with music , braille
button VIP Key switches on all floors
8 Main Configure:
NO. Component Name Brand
8.1 Traction Machine Bluelight
8.2 Encoder Heidenhain
8.3 Microcomputer (32-bit ) Blue light
8.4 VVVF Inverter FUJI
8.5 Contactor FUJI
8.6 Relay FUJI
8.7 Cable BNK
8.8 Landing Door Device OULING
8.9 Car Ceiling YIDA
8.10 Door Operator Sheng ling
Ventilation In Car
Low Noise Axial-Flow Fan YIDA
8.12 COP & HOP Bester
8.13 Hydraulic Buffer ShenYang QiSheng
8.14 Sill Of hall door & car door OULING
(High Quality Flinty Aluminum Alloy)
8.15 Guide Rail Of The Car YIDA
8.16 Steel Ropes For Traction Machine Wuxi SAFETY
8.17 Speed Governor and Safety gear Aoderpu



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