film faced plywood

 film faced plywood

We offer top quality and medium quality film faced plywood overlaid with phenol or melamine film on both sides. We use Dynea phenolic brown film and Dynea phenolic glue for our high quality FFP. We also offer black color film faced plywood, green color film faced plywood or even PVC shuttering plywood.

Applications: concrete formwork panels / shuttering plywood, walls, floors, roofs, advertising boards, scaffolding .

We can arrange for Direct importation from one of the largest manufacturers in China to ensure buyers get the best deals.

film-faced-plywood film ply

Film-faced plywood with coating for matt, low-pore concrete surfaces. 13 layers of poplar with water-resistent coating on both sides with 120 g/m² phenolic resin, edges sealed all round. Film-faced plywood sheets for concrete surfaces with high quality  requirements, the sheeting can easily be worked on (sawing, nailing etc.).

Product advantages:

  • High-quality surface;
  • Water-resistant;
  • Steady geometricity of the sheets;
  • Easy handling;
  • Long terms use if properly preserved;
  • Work-force economy.

Length: 2500/2440 mm
Width: 1250/1220 mm
Thickness: 21 mm
Permissible thickness variation ± 0,5 mm

Instruction for use and storage:

  • Sheets should be kept on dry horizontally put beams;
  • Sheets should be used without harming their surface or sides;
  • After cutting and drilling the edges of the sheets should be covered with water-resistant paint;
  • Before use the sheets should be covered with release agent.

Examples of use:
Formwork for construction of floors, walls, columns, etc.


Arch. Francis Gichuhi Kamau. (337 Posts)

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