Commercial sized Septic tanks.

Commercial sized septic tanks are quite common in Nairobi, Kenya since most areas are not served with County Government sewer systems.

The septic tank design  is based on the number of occupants residing in the building. Each occupant is assumed to consume at least 80 litres of water daily through toilet flushing, showering, cooking and cleaning.

With the number of liters in use per day, we can then calculate the volume of the water used per day, which in turn brings out the size of the septic tank.


Most Nairobi areas, soil is up to around 1.5 meters deep from ground level. Excavation in rock is necessary to ensure the septic tank is at good depth and also the soak pit is large enough.

Excavation on rock is mechanically done using excavators fitted with rock breakers.

caterpillar excavation IMG_20160620_152219 IMG_20160620_152225 IMG_20160623_151651

After excavation, the septic tank and soak pit are then constructed based on the size of the water inflow.


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    Dear Sir,
    I need to put a septic tank in a water soaked plot in Ngong.
    Could you give me price for the same.

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