How to identify the difference between architectural and structural engineering drawings.

How to identify the difference between architectural and structural engineering drawings.




Structural drawing sample



Architectural drawing sample






Visual identification.


Structural engineering drawings are easily identified from their mostly line work drawings. Architectural drawings have other features such as room furniture, bathroom and kitchen fixtures in them.


Technical identification.


Structural engineering drawings also have letterings describing the type of reinforcement steel eg y8, y10,y12, y16,y20.

Architectural drawings have lettering describing the spaces eg living room, bedroom, kitchen etc.





Both architectural and structural drawings are dimensioned in mili meters. 1 meter is dimensioned as 1000.

Masonry walls are mostly 6 or 9 inch wide, dimensioned as 150 or 200mm on the drawings.

The walls are usually cross hatched to enable them be more visible. This is clearly seen in architectural drawings.


Working drawings.


These are both architectural and structural drawings that contain detailed dimensions to enable the mason read out and convey the dimensions on the ground to a construction project.

These are different from presentation drawings which do not contain detailed dimensions and which are used for purposes of being consumed by lay people with little construction technology knowledge e.g. potential property buyers, land owners etc.

Working drawings are meant to be used by technical personal such as masons so as to be read and interpreted onto the ground.


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