Tools and Equipment used in Setting out a Building.

Tools and Equipment used in Setting out a Building.



For large complex buildings, theodolites, survey equipment’s, are used to mark out building external wall extents.




  1. Measuring tape

For small scale types of construction, use of long type builder’s square , steel measuring tape are sufficient to demarcate the building external wall extents and internal wall partitioning.



For shorter distances, the steel tape is most appropriate, eg distances between two rooms, thickness of wall while setting out etc.

For larger distances, eg perimeter wall measurement, hexagonal check, the flexible type is most appropriate.








3.Spirit Level

Spirit level is used to ensure that the nylon strings used in setting out are horizontal.



4.Nylon String


Nylon strings are used to demarcate the wall thickness and building extent.





5.Lime Powder

White lime powder is used to mark the foundation walling and column footing positions for further excavation till rock or stable ground.


White lime used to measure out the extents of the building footprint in readiness for excavation.



Notice the wooden formwork that will be used to support the nylon strings to enable setting out.




Notice the effectiveness of white lime powder in effectively marking out foundation dimensions for setting out buildings.


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