Fees Breakdown


Architectural Services are as per CAP 525 of the Laws of Kenya and broken down as follows:
100% of fees is calculated at 6% of TOTAL PROJECT COST.
See a copy of CAP 525 here.

Source: BORAQS Kenya.

A. Inception:

For advising the client upon the services of an architect and the need for a quantity surveyor, obtaining initial statement of requirements and outlining possible courses of action:
No charge. 0% of total construction cost.

B.Outline proposals:
For considering and developing the brief.
For advising on the need for and instructing consultants.
For preparing outline proposals which incorporate a detailed presentation of the client’s requirements and an approximation of the costs of meeting them.
For reporting any major decisions required form the client and receiving any amended instructions.
Charge: 1% of total construction cost.

C. Scheme Design.
For preparing, in collaboration with any consultant, a scheme design consisting of small-scale working drawings which shall indicate spatial arrangement and appearance.
For reporting to the client on the scheme including presenting an assignment of the cost and timetable for the project and where so required, submitting copies of the drawings to the local authority for town planning consent, approval under the Building bye-laws.
Charge: 1.5% of total construction cost.

D. Detailed design and production drawings.
For completing a detailed design incorporating the design work done by any consultants .
For preparing production drawings and information necessary for production of Bills of Quantities.
Charge: 2% of total construction cost.

E. From tender action to completion.
For obtaining and advising on tenders and for preparing and advising on the contract and the appointment of a contractor.
For briefing the contractor, arranging for him to take possession of the site and examining his programme.
For periodic supervision and issuing certificates required by the building contract.
For handing over the building to the client, providing small-scale drawings showing the main lines of drainage and other services as executed and giving initial guidance on maintenance.
Charge: 1.5% of total construction cost.


30 Replies to “Fees Breakdown”

  1. I have 5 acres land in Narok,wants to construct a 3-4 bed roomed house,2 Bedroom servant quarter,pit latrine (out side),save tank , build with Bricks clay soil locally on 0.5 acre or advice how to do it

  2. Hi, I just wanted to know an estimate of building a bathroom? If you could email me back and let me know that would be nice, thank you.

  3. Hi Gichuhi,
    Kindly need to know the units and number of flats I can put up in an acre piece of land in kitengela. Plié email.


  4. I am planning to buy a plot in machakos. It’s 22m by*20.3m in area. I would like to put up 1 bedroom flats to 5th floor. Am limited by it’s area coverage. Thaxs always for ur help.

  5. Hi.
    Kindly advise how much you would charge to design a 3 or 4 bedroomed country bungalow for cold area I have a farm in Limuru and would like to settle there
    Kind regards.

  6. Hi , i wanted to know the cost estimate of building a 6 bedroom bungalow of 2 floors with total of 250 m2 per floor in naivasha.

    As well as building a hotel of 50 rooms of in naivasha.

  7. Hello

    i would like to build a 3-4 bedroom house in kiserian on an 1/8
    please advise the total cost as well as the boq and best consturction phase…

    Kind regards,

  8. Hello,
    I would like to know how many units of two bedroom house could be build in 50 by 100 plot and cost for each house, no floors in sotik.

    1. Hi, these costs are just for the Architectural services. Its normally 12% if you involve all the design team i.e Architect/project manager, Quantity Surveyor, Structural engineer, Services engineer and Landscape Architect.

  9. I have a plot in Nairobi and I want to build a rentle houses Bt first I dnt have capital second I have land certificate..i was kindly asking how can you help me?

  10. Hi,
    I would like to construct two low rise rental flats on a 100 x 100 plot. Each flat to consist of 20 units of two bedrooms complete with underground parking. Please hook me up with a financier who is ready to provide 100% construction loan. The plot is in Mombasa near VOK, close to Malindi road and accessible via tarmac road while electricity and piped water is already available.

  11. Hi

    My name is peter
    I live in embu, am currently looking for professional architect to help me plan a residential house i want to build. i own 0.1 hectare around embu municipality, my ideal house is a four bed house with two floors, built on not more that 35ft by 35ft . with a spacious master bedroom ensuite with balcony and a spacious lounge
    three bedrooms upper floor, guest bedroom ground floor

    kindly advice the specific estimate cost, necessary approvals and if the cost is inclusive of that, and when is a structural plan required by law or necessary

    Looking forward to your prompt response

  12. Hey,
    I have a price of plot I would like to build some bedsitters for rental and I would like to get a financial assistance from your firm.Please advice.

  13. Hello there,

    I own a small plot in Naivasha and would like to put up a 4 storey 2 bedroom and 1 bedroom apartments. Can someone please suggest a professional estimate of the cost that can be involved please. ALL COSTS. Including the Architec costs.

    With a figure in mind, I will work on getting a financier.


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