TV / Newspaper Features

Nation Newspaper. February 8th 2018

Njata TV. Sunday 6th November 2017

May 6th 2016. NTV Interview on Huruma Building colapse.



Ebru TV Interview. 21st October 2015.

Daily Nation 15th October 2015


People Daily 3rd July 2015
people daily

K24 TV June 2015

Daily Nation Newspaper 2nd March 2012.
Going green in these harsh climes

The Star Newspaper 1st March 2012

Why not use stabilised soil blocks technology?

Kenya Progressive Radio talk show-19th February 2012!/user/kenyaprogressivevoice/home_link_services_for_kenyans_abroad

Financial Times-February 5th 2012.

East African Standard Newspaper: 12th January 2012

The Star.4th January 2012.

Nation Newspaper . July 14, 2010.

East African Standard:23rd November 2011.


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  1. Hi Architect Francis,

    Trust you are well.Needed your advise what percentage am I realistically likely to save if I use EPS slabs from NHC on a residential house 309m squared .

    I was given a nominal cost of 30000/= per square meter.

    Your inputs are highly appreciated,

  2. Architect Francis my name is Stephen Ndome and I write and edit the Ujenzi magazine on behalf of Kenya Federation of Master Builders.I am looking forward to collaborating with you in what we do because I think you can be of great benefit to members of KFMB.I am ready to meet you at your convenience.Meanwhile allow me to forward some documents to your attention.
    Thanks for using your expertise to benefit Kenyans(KFMB has close to 3,000 contractors as members)

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