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  1. Hi, truly impressed by the house designs.I’m a novice in construction and design matters. Would like to have 4 beedroom maisonette residencial house. I have small plot in Ongata rongai(Tuala) and another one in Katani. Each is an 1/8.

    Having seen your designs, either of these will suit me good
    -Rimpa House.Row Maisonette
    -Nkoroi House small version

    I’m looking at this project , next year, 2014.
    Kindly advise on how to proceed.


  2. Hi, This is Evans Chirchir, i hace been in construction industry for quite a while i.e four years . i specifically deal with building low cost house using the Hydraform technology ( Interlocking Blocks) . Iam looking forward to meet u and discuss further and see how we can take this technology a notch Higher !

  3. I was impressed by your construction and design projects. I am wondering if you ever use interlocking blocks or prefabricated panels to construct homes. Thinking about using either for to construct rental home. Thanks.

  4. I have 1/8 plot in Eldoret and i would like to constract residetial houses 2bed room each 20 rooms,targetting middle class, what could be suitable room size per m2?that i cul have space for few parking?If possible ca i getyou to design for me?
    Thanks and regards.

  5. HI.
    Got a1/4 plot in syokimau…am interested in a 4 bedroom house massionete. can i bu the plan from u upon seeing what you have?

  6. Am so impressed by the houses designs. I love small houses designs for residential purposes and would like your assistance. I have 1/8 size of plot in Kisumu area and need your advise on how to utilize the space

  7. I like your designs and doing diploma in QS am looking forward to enter into new design as I go for attachment next month

  8. Hi,

    I am a technician architect.I not only draft but do very accurate material costing.would like to for you if interested.I am very sure you will like my work since I am practical way on how I do this.

  9. I am planning to construct a residential flats in Bungoma.I may seek your services in near future.
    Anything resourceful, communicate to me.

  10. Am impressed. i have a 1/8 piece of land in mombasa and would like to get your services. Do you have a branch in mombasa?

  11. kindly i’like to build a 4 bedroom in quarter plot land at Eldoret.
    What are your requirements you can sale me your plan to minimize my plot one bungalow and one with first floor.

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